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Payment Processing 101

Whether you're a new ISO looking for an introduction to payment processing, or an established ISO looking to provide your merchants a basic overview, the Global Payments Payment Processing Guide contains everything you need. From information on reporting, to tips on saving you and your customers money, you'll have all your questions answered by the payment processing experts.
Click here to download our complete Card Acceptance Guide.

Card Acceptance Guide
Please Note: This guide is part of your Global Payments Direct, Inc. (herein after referred to as Global Payments or Global) merchant agreement and you must follow the procedures in this guide to comply with your agreement.
This Guide contains information protected by copyright. No part of this material may be duplicated, reproduced or disclosed in any form without prior written consent from Global Payments.
The information contained in this guide is proprietary and confidential to Global Payments and merchants who have executed an agreement with Global Payments for card payment services.
Global Payments reserves the rights to add, modify, or cancel any and all provisions described in this Guide, as it deems appropriate, with or without advance notice.